Oostr classifieds Terms Of Use (TOU)

The 10 oaths of the TOU:

1. This platform Oostr.com is a self regulating system: it means that you make a post or Ad
and you activate yoour Ad; the Ad will be immediately online; after the Ad
reach the expiration day the Ad will be automatically deleted.
If you do not activate the Ad, the Ad will NEVER appear online and it will
be delated.

1. By using this Service, you are agreeing to comply with the TOU; the Administrator
can change the TOU anytime without warning.
2. This service is created for all; that means any person can post an advertisement.

3. You have the total responsibility of all postings, links, messages, text, files, images, or other materials you posted on this platform;

4. NOT allowed:
a. violation of the social norms and rights of others.
b. pedofile materials.
c. materials that degrades, intimidates, hate, discriminate people.
d. materials that violate local laws or laws of a country.
e. materials that infringes any: patent, trademark, trade secret, copy rights or any other proprietary rights.
f. spamming users of the platform.
g. selling stolen goods through the platform
h. posting or uploading trojan horses, viruses, malware, spyware or any other bad software

i. using the content of the platform, than the purpose wherefor it is deplayed.

5. You are using the service of the platform at your own risk.

6. This platform is not resposible for:
a. the profit or the lost that you make through the use of oostr.com service.
b. for the links to thirth party sites and their contents.

7. Do not try to scam people through the service of this platform.

8. You will never try to claim or demand refund of any cost or damage you make through the using of this platform.

9. By using the service of this platform, you are automatically agreed to TOU of the platform.

10. If you violate the TOU of this platform, you will banned for life; NEVER returning back.

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